Lulu Copenhagen

Lulu Copenhagen - Ohrstecker Love U Grün

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Note that this earring is sold separately and not as a pair.

Meet Candyshop's brave and inspiring big sister, Topping! Pictured here is TOPPING SHORT LOVE U.

With the remaining earrings from LULU's Candyshop, you can create new and creative combinations with this super cute and petite LOVE U design. Even though it's tiny, it dangles nicely on your ear.


Surface: Shiny

Height: 1 cm

Materials: Gold plated brass, 50% recycled materials, 18K, e-coating, enamel

Jewelry from LULU Copenhagen is always nickel-free.

Please notice, that our enamel colors are mixed by hand, which can create a slightly variation in the individual production. At the same time, the screen resolution and color settings on a digital device can cause the colors in the pictures to appear different from the actual colors used.